Security in the Cloud for Federal Organizations

Federal Cloud Journey Guidance

Your journey to the cloud presents three fundamental security challenges:

  1. How to enable users to access the cloud securely
  2. How to monitor the cloud environment’s configuration for compliance and threats
  3. How to secure applications and data in the cloud

Each of these challenges spans the entire cloud migration lifecycle, all the way through your organization’s journey to becoming fully cloud native.

Cloud computing is an integral part of government operations today. It is the base upon which public sector organizations will build and scale more effective cybersecurity solutions, having advanced analytical capabilities, executing command and control (C2) and integrating with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies.


Migrating legacy workloads to the cloud environment will take advantage of the increased agility cloud provides. But as part of this journey, new challenges will emerge, including understanding the constantly shifting cloud environment and putting the proper protections in place to mitigate risk in cloud.


Learn more about these key challenges, understanding security of the cloud and in the cloud and how to plan for the cloud.


Download the two free whitepapers from Palo Alto Networks for insights on the Federal Cloud Journey.

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